Andre Longchamps Technical Diving Instructor

André Longchamps 

After many hard working years in the food industry, André decided to spend his holidays in Egypt in 2010, with friends who were already certified scuba divers. At this time he had no interest in scuba diving.


This holiday was life changing. After his first dive, André decided to become a scuba diver and two years later he became an instructor. His new job gave him a possibility to travel and gain work experience in Egypt, Turkey, France and Thailand.


André also enjoys jumping out of airplanes and is a skydiving coach. So when he is not in the ocean, you might see him in the sky. 

Saara Longchamps Divemaster

Saara Longchamps 

Saara has a background in the media industry, but also many years of work experience in restaurant and hospitality business. She has always loved travelling and exploring new cultures and places. During her travels around South East Asia, she visited Krabi in Thailand, and immediately felt like home. She soon fell in love with scuba diving and started her career in this fascinating underwater industry. 

Today, Saara is living her dream, as she combines her media skills with scuba diving and the amazing underwater world. 

Sergey Goncharenko OK Club's Founder

Sergey Goncharenko - Founder

Instructor and founder of Abyss in St. Petersburg (Russia) and OK Club Thai on Koh Lanta (Thailand).

Sergey had his first underwater experience in 2007 and became a PADI Instructor in 2009, followed by his certification as TDI-SDI Instructor. He worked in many places like Indonesia, Thailand, Norway and Egypt and was a high-skilled instructor whose love and passion for the sea were endless. Sergey suddenly passed away in 2017 (non-diving incident) and we are keeping his legacy alive.