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Join the next generation of IANTD scuba diving instructors! 

This course trains qualified IANTD Divemasters/IANTD Assistant Instructors as IANTD Open Water/Open Water EANx Instructors.

As a certified instructor you will be able to teach:

The Course consists of:

  • IANTD Open Water program

  • IANTD Advanced Open Water Diver program

  • IANTD Deep Diver program

  • IANTD Rescue Diver Program

  • Pool sessions

  • Open water sessions

  • Academic sessions


  • Minimum of 18 years old

  • Qualified IANTD Divemaster or higher or equivalent
    Qualified First Aid or equivalent
    Qualified IANTD Oxygen Administrator or equivalent
    Qualified IANTD Deep Diver or equivalent
    Qualified IANTD CPR or equivalent

  • First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Administrator may be conduct in conjunction with the program but training hours do not count to the minimum required.

  • Must be qualified as an EANx Diver with proof of a minimum of 10 dives on EANx to be able to teach EANx as an Open Water instructor.

  • As long as ALL the other prerequisites are met, the Divemaster, Dive Supervisor or Assistant Instructor program can be conducted in conjunction with the IDP and 40 hours can be counted towards the IDP minimum hours. The Divemaster, Dive Supervisor or Assistant Instructor certification shall be issued before attending the IDE.

  • Dive experience:
    Must provide proof of a minimum of 100 logged dives, of which at least 15 were Deep Diver dives between 90 fsw (27 msw) and 132 fsw (40 msw) and at least 6 months of diving experience.

  • Dive experience must include dives in a variety of environments including but not limited to Night Dive/Limited Visibility, Navigation, Marine Ecology, Deep Dive or any other ADDITIONAL SPECIALIZED PROGRAM

  • MEDICAL FORM: It is important to know about any medical conditions you might have that might put you at risk underwater. Please carefully read the RSTC MEDICAL STATEMENT to make sure you are fit to dive. If you answer any of the questions YES, we require a doctor’s certificate that states you are medically fit to scuba dive.


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