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Koh Haa



Koh Haa

Koh Haa is formed by five beautiful limestone islands. This dive site offers more than 30 different possible dives and is suitable for all levels of scuba diving and snorkeling. 

Koh Haa has also special caverns and a chimney to swim through in one of its diving spots, for the more adventurous and experienced divers. With its crystal clear waters and an varied underwater macro life and topography, Koh Haa is especially ideal for photography. 

Koh Bida

Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai are two of the most popular dive sites near the Phi Phi Islands. Also called as ‘The Bidas’, these limestone pinnacles are famous for their spectacular underwater topography with swim-throughs, walls and underwater caves.


The rocky islands are especially known for reef sharks and leopard sharks often spotted around the areas.Both of the dive sites are suitable for all levels of diving and snorkeling. 

Hin Muang Hin Daeng.jpg

Hin Muang & Hin Daeng

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang offer spectacular scenery with underwater canyons, walls and steep drop-offs full of colourful soft corals and extremely unique macro life.


The two reefs are located only 100 meters away from each other in the middle of the Andaman Sea. Due to the location, strong currents often occur so advanced level, controlled buoyancy skills and experience in diving are highly recommended for the divers to visit these sites.

Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi National Marine Park offers some of the most popular dive sites in Southeast Asia. The sites are suitable for all levels of diving and snorkeling and located around the two biggest islands of the National Park, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley.


These stunning limestone monoliths rise over 100 meters above the sea level and offer wide range of dive milieus with underwater caves, overhangs, swim throughs and walls. As Phi Phi Don is inhabited and a busy tourist destination, the majority of the dive sites are situated around its smaller sister island Phi Phi Ley,


Koh Waen

Koh Waen is located south from Koh Lanta. The dive site is most known for its exciting underwater train station, an artificial man-made reef, that was deliberately sank by the Thai Authority in April 2015.


As a wreck dive, an advanced level and experience in diving is required to visit the site.

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