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This course is the second level in the development of proper and safe techniques for cave diving. The objective of the course is to master the skills and techniques taught in the Cavern Diver course in addition to the adoption of additional procedures and techniques required for elementary cave dives, with the maximum depth of 130fsw/40msw. 

During the course you will learn: 

The Course consists of:

  • Cave and overhead environment diving skills 

  • Specialised equipment, configuration and streamlining

  • Buoyancy control, trim and propulsion

  • Self-responsibility and self-awareness in caves

  • Risk-management in overhead environments

  • Gas management procedures 

  • Cave conservation

  • Academic sessions

  • Confined water sessions

  • Cave dive sessions 


4 Days 


All equipment

All course material 

Certification if earned


30 000 THB


  • IANTD Wreck Diver or IANTD Cavern Diver, IANTD Limited Mine Diver or equivalent

  • Minimum 30 logged dives

  • Proper kicking techniques

  • For 15 years (with a parent or guardian authorization) or older

  • MEDICAL FORM: It is important to know about any medical conditions you might have that might put you at risk underwater. Please carefully read the RSTC MEDICAL STATEMENT to make sure you are fit to dive. If you answer any of the questions YES, we require a doctor’s certificate that states you are medically fit to scuba dive.



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