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Journey time: 35minutes, distance 30km (speed boat)

Suitable: All levels diving & snorkeling

Maximum depth: 30m allowed for recreational divers 

Koh Haa is formed by five beautiful limestone islands. With our speed boat the journey there takes only about half an hour from Koh Lanta, that enables us to reach the dive site before the bigger boats and enjoy diving with the fish rather than fellow diver groups. 

Koh Haa offers more than 30 different possible dives and is suitable for all levels of scuba diving and snorkeling. This stunning dive site has also special caverns and a chimney to swim through in one of its diving spots, for the more adventurous and experienced divers. With its crystal clear waters and an extremely varied underwater macro life and topography, Koh Haa is especially ideal for photography. 

The top diving spots of Ko Haa are the Lagoon, the Cathedral and the Chimney. The Lagoon offers a favourable environment for beginner divers with its shallow waters and ocean floor gradually sloping toward the reef. These conditions make the first diving experience effortless and safe to do the first bubbles underwater. What is more, practising your skills on the sandy Lagoon floor also protects the vulnerable coral reefs before you become more comfortable with your buoyancy. 


The Cathedral opens as a set of swim through caverns for the more adventurous divers to explore. The place offers excellent conditions for atmospheric photography and for this reason is one of the top sites of the area for the divers who are looking for those astonishing silhouette images.


Along with the merged underwater chambers of the Cathedral, The Chimney presents another swim through dare. Divers can access the chimney in only 5 metres and the exit point lies down all the way in 18 metres. This dive spot provides a perfect challenge to practise your buoyancy skills, as you drop down 13 metres through the tunnel before you even realise it. ​

The marine life of Koh Haa is extremely rich, from colourful corals to gorgeous sea stars and reef octopuses, as well as to all kind of different size and quirky looking fish. One of our favourite sea creatures, tiny yellow boxfish, can also be seen here. Although different reef sharks are more common to spot in Koh Haa, there have been sights of whale sharks and even manta rays every now and then. 

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