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Journey time: 35minutes, distance 30km

Suitable: All levels diving & snorkeling

Maximum depth: 30m allowed for recreational divers 

Phi Phi National Marine Park offers some of the most popular dive sites in Southeast Asia. The sites are suitable for all levels of diving and snorkeling and located around the two biggest islands of the National Park, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley.


These stunning limestone monoliths rise over 100 meters above the sea level and offer wide range of dive milieus with underwater caves, overhangs, swim throughs and walls. As Phi Phi Don is inhabited and a busy tourist destination, the majority of the dive sites are situated around its smaller sister island Phi Phi Ley, where the marine life is booming. 

Mushroom Rock - Phi Phi Ley

Mushroom Rock is located in the northern tip of Phi Phi Ley and is suitable for all levels of diving. This dive site is formed by large pinnacles rising up to the surface. One of these pinnacles is shaped like a mushroom, which gives the site its unique name. Huge schools of barracudas, yellowback fusiliers and trevallies are often seen swimming around the rocky reef. In addition, its shallower parts open up great conditions to spot black tip reef sharks. 

Lo Samah - Phi Phi Ley

Lo Samah is suitable for all levels of diving. The dive site is known for its narrow underwater canyon, big enough for the divers to swim through it, dropping down to 15 meters. In addition, Lo Samah offers a beautiful wall dive full of colourful sea fans, soft corals and barrel sponge corals. The small cracks of the wall are home for a rich variety of makro life, such as different nudibranchs. What is more, sting rays are often spotted laying in the sandy ocean floor and black tip reef sharks can also be seen in the narrow parts of the reef. 

King Cruiser Wreck

After been built in Japan over 30 years ago, the King Cruiser Wreck sank near the Phi Phi islands in May 1997. As a wreck dive, advanced level (AOWD) and experience in diving is required to visit this dive site. Due to its location in the middle of the Andaman sea, strong currents often occur that makes the site more challenging. The top of the wreck lies about 10 meters below the surface and the passenger decks between 10 meters and 20 meters deep. The deepest point of the wreck, its propellers, can be reached in 30 meters.  

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